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Village WholeFoods

9 The Pavement, Clapham, SW4 OHY

A health food store, Village Wholefoods is stocked with more than 3000 organic, vegan, healthy products, body care, home care, fresh produce and an Eco refill station.

Download the Local eCoin app and earn eCoin (£££) rewards up to 30% at Village WholeFoods. 

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Local eCoin Rewards at Village WholeFoods

To earn eCoin cashback rewards when shopping in-store download the Local eCoin app from the App Store or Google Play, and when paying for your purchase simply pay using the app.

With Local eCoin you earn up to 30% in regular and boosted eCoin rewards every time you shop at Village Wholefoods and support local independent businesses. eCoin rewards can be spent like cash at any participating store on the app.


Shop Local. Get Rewarded!

Open Hours:
Mon - Fri, 7am - 9pm

Saturday, 7am - 9pm

Sunday, 8am - 9pm


Grocery Store // WholeFoods // Organic // Clapham High Street

Mitch H.

Bright, clean and Bigger than it looks from the outside. It has all the shopping needs of any vegan or plant based diet. The staff seemed very pleasant. There was a bit of a queue to pay but this was quickly fixed by another assistant jumping on the tills. My free tote bag and I will be back again soon.

Lucy W.

Perfect place in Clapham for all gut healthy produce :) happy to have it close by

Dan C.

A newly opened village store for Clapham with lots of fresh fruit and veg, plus a great selection of food and drink, and then cleaning products etc at the back (the store goes back a long way). Probably the best selection of Tony's Chocolonely I've ever seen!

Local small business named Village Wholefoods found on Clapham High Street. They sell healthy organic fresh fruits, vegs / vegtables and produce. Village Wholefoods is with the company Local E Rewards and their shop/business is listed on the app Local eCoin that is avaliable on Google Play Store & Apple App Store. Customers and local / small shoppers can earn rewards by paying with the Local eCoin app here to get a freebie at any venue on the app or get a discount.
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