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Time to level the playing field

Loyalty has been a mess for too long...

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Multiple paper loyalty cards that always get lost? Rewards you don't really want?

We're here to help! Dump all the loyalty cards in favour of one simple app that does good!

From coffee to dry cleaning, save up your eCoins and spend them in-store with any business on our app.

Small businesses can't compete 

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Whether it's a big chain's coffee subscription or retail club cards, high street independents have always struggled to be heard.

Local eCoin's A.I. helps by bringing customers to small businesses, helping them stand up to chains and online retail giants.

Empower local communities

Did you know that just £1 spent at a local business generates £5 in your local economy!?

Shopping locally allows communities to prosper, increasing local employment opportunities as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

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